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Have you been going to the gym consistently, but not seeing the changes you want in your appearance or level of fitness? Schedule a time to meet with one of our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, to help identify what you’ve been missing! We can create a custom plan just for you, to target those stubborn areas and push you through to the next level. Our Level 10 Team Training is included on an unlimited basis with all PT programs, and is designed to give you an effective full-body workout in just 30 minutes! We’ll also work with you on a nutritional and meal plan, that will help you know what foods to avoid and which ones you need. Our trainers will help you get on the right track with effective workouts, healthier food options, and the accountability you need to keep moving toward your goal. Simply stop by the training desk at any of our locations, for a free assessment. You’ll be on your way to better health and fitness in no time!

If you have not had your Personal Fitness Assessment yet click the below link to see what it’s all about:


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